Palm Professionals subsidiary of Coast To Coast Palms

Three Family Generations of Houston Growers

Award Winning Palm Tree Nursery and Palm Expert

Houston's Award Winning Palm Tree Service And Installation Company

Proud Contributing Educator and Member Of The International Palm Society

Houston's Palm Tree Specialist and Educator Of Proper International Palm Tree Care and Installation. Houston's Leading Palm Tree Consultant And Company

CenterPoint Energy's Recommended Expert For Palm Tree Conservation In Houston

Recommended Palm Tree Transplanting and Conservation Company By Center Point Energy

Texas Certified and Licensed Palm Tree Grower and Disease Free Palm Tree Supplier

Licensed Palm Tree Grower, Wholesaler, and Supplier In Texas as a Disease Free Palm Tree Company

Florida Certified Disease Free Palm Tree Supplier

Trees Certified By Department Of Agriculture To Be Shipped To Texas as a Disease Free Palm Tree Supplier

The Leading Commercial And Residential Palm Tree Supplier And Installation Company. We Also Export Palm Trees To Other Countries And The Caribbean Islands.

Proudly Serving And Growing In The Houston Area

The Undisputed Best Palm Tree Company In America

Over 100 Species Of Palm Trees Available
From Palm Professionals


Palm Professionals is the longest running cold hardy palm tree specialist and supply company in Houston and the only true palm tree specialist for the Houston area. We also Service All Other Areas Of The United States.

What More Could You Ask For?

    How about the fact that all of Palm Professionals' palm trees are personally checked to match our premium standards and only the "Grade A" palm trees are selected for sale to our customers.

    After selecting these palm trees, this material is also double checked by The Department Of Agriculture prior to being moved from the growing fields and allowed to enter the Palm Professionals' location in Houston and is also checked again for quality and health before it is allowed to leave our Houston area location.

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Palm Professionals Tropical Nursery
is a nursery business located in Houston, Texas at:
20113 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, Texas 77479